Aquadrive Systems


Hansen Marine is an authorized Aquadrive® Distributor

The Anti-Vibration System

aquadrive-anti-vibrationSince the introduction in 1977, Aquadrive has delivered thousands of Aquadrive systems to satisfied customers all over the world. Their product’s range represents the result of more than 20 years of experience and development. Aquadrive systems reduce noise and vibration on board all vessel designs, while improving drive- train reliability. Tests carried out by independent authorities and respected magazines have proven that by installing an Aquadrive system, noise and vibration can be reduced by at least 50%.

Aquadrive HDL: the Heavy Duty Line

Aquadrive HDL T series is built to meet the high standards expected for ocean crossing and commercial crafts, suitable for engine powers between 300 to 1200 kW (400 to 1630 HP). Aquadrive HDL T systems are used in large recreational power boats, trawler and sailing yachts, as well as pilot boats, commercial fishing boats and passenger catamarans. The HDL units are built for the ocean and have been installed on hundreds of vessels by the world’s best boat builders.

The components that make an Aquadrive HDL system are:

  1. The CV – Constant Velocity – drive shaft
  2. The Gearbox adapter, available in different models for coupling to almost any gearbox flange
  3. The rubber mounted thrust bearing that relieves the engine from axial propeller loads
  4. Soft, resilient engine mounts for efficient isolation of structure born vibration to the hull

All components are designed to meet the highest requirements.

Flexibility Beyond Comparison with the Aquadrive CV Shaft

The unique Aquadrive CV drive shaft offers the advantage of creating totally free movement between engine and propeller shaft. With Aquadrive CV shafts, engines can be arranged in positions that are impossible to obtain with any other product on the market. Unlike common universal joints, Aquadrive CV joints still operate smoothly even when the angles are large or different, or the rpm’s are high and the engine is moving back and forth. The flexibility of Aquadrive CV shafts is beyond comparison.

Engine Mounts – the Perfect Complement

Because no propeller thrust reaches the mounts and strains them forward, Aquadrive engine’s mounting can be much softer. Optimized to isolate engine from hull, Aquadrive mounts are fully captive, made of natural rubber and has a steel hood that prevents diesel fuel damage. Correctly chosen, soft Aquadrive engine mounts will insure less vibration throughout all engine operating speeds.

Customized Options: Aquadrive to Suit Every Installation

The Aquadrive system can be custom made to suit your vessel’s specific needs. Aquadrive’s CV shafts are produced in different lengths; compact standard shafts for shortest overall length, extended custom made CV shafts in lengths up to 4.5 meters (14’9″) and center bearing supported, multi shaft systems. The various CV shafts offer almost unlimited possibilities to position the engine. To connect the Aquadrive unit to the gearbox and propeller shaft, there is a wide range of adapter kits and shaft clamps.

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