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Nanni Diesel Engines – Standard Models

ModelCYL.C.I.D.H.P.Std. TransStd. Ratio
N2-1022910TMC 402.1
N2-1422914TMC 402.6
N3-3036929TMC 402.0
N4-3849137.5ZF 12M2.0
N5-50413450ZF 15M2.0
N4-654148.559ZF 25M2.0
N4-804148.575ZF 63H2.0
N4-1154230115ZF 45H2.0
N4-1404230135ZF 45H2.0

Nanni Diesel V-Drive Engines
ModelCYL.C.I.D.H.P.Std. TransStd. Ratio
N3-3036929ZF 15 MIV2.13
N4-3849137.5ZF 15 MIV2.13
N4-50413450ZF 15 MIV2.13
N4-504148.559ZF 63V2.0
N4-804148.575ZF 63V2.0
N4-1154230115ZF 63V2.0
N4-1404230135ZF 63V2.0

Standard Equipment:  Full instrument panel, 4 M Harness, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Voltmeter, Tachometer, Full Engine Alarms, Electric Stop, Oil Drain Pump and Air Cleaner.

Flexible Engine Mounts, Brackets for Shift & Throttle Cables.

EPA – Tier 3

Glowplugs for cold weather starting, mounted fuel and oil filters.

Specifications & Prices are subject to change without notice
Inbound Freight $150.00